Jaap Jan de Lange

Jaap Jan de LangeMy name is Jaap-Jan de Lange. I’m a police detective from The Netherlands.

Before being a police detective I have worked for 6 years as a street cop and I have also worked as a member of a special arrest unit (part of riotcontrol)

In 1992 I started to train American Kenpo with Hans Hesselmann (7th dan) in Utrecht and I have never stopped training Kenpo ever since.

I have had the privilige to train with a lot of American Kenpo seniors, e.g. Skip Hancock, Larry Tatum, Huk Planas, Bob Lyles, Ed Parker jr. and Frank Soto.

I am a certifying instructor in Kyusho (Kyusho International) and have also trained in Judo, Modern Arnis, Jeet Kune Do, Bujinkan Budo Tai Jutsu and Systema.

My rank and instructorships:

  • 3th Dan American Kenpo (Head-instructor)
  • Certified Instructor level 2 Kyusho (Kyusho International)
  • Certified Instructor Kyusho Tactical Control Program (Kyusho International)
  • Certified Instructor Kyusho Health and Wellness Program (Kyusho International)
  • Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor (Force Options)

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